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My Path To Coaching


After I received my Morgan Stanley investment banking offer I wanted to relax like the others, but I found a lost first-year that had no idea where to begin his journey. I knew immediately I wanted to make his life easier. The intimidating path of finding your professional calling doesn't have to be difficult or stressful – all it takes is the right guiding hand, and thus I began my coaching. 

From that moment, I wanted to help others experience the same growth I did. I became president of our business society (5000+ members) where I brought in Fortune 500 companies and watched countless Bruins experience the transformation I did. But what I enjoyed most was the mentoring; I connected with several more underclassmen and helped them find their path, find their passion, and most importantly, find success and happiness as they all received incredible full-time job offers.


Let me do the same for you. Let me make the confusing time that is college just a little bit easier.

About Me

1. UCLA, Most Applied to University, Summa Cum Laude Graduate (4.0/4.0 GPA)

I graduated from UCLA 1 year early where I was president of our business society and VP of our sole club with a student-run investment fund

2. Investment Banking Analyst

I interned with Morgan Stanley’s M&A investment banking team, but I wanted a greater technology focus, so I joined PJT’s (Blackstone spin-off) San Francisco technology group

3. International & Tri-Lingual

Most of my family is in Israel/Argentina (my parents moved here to attend Stanford) which has helped me develop connections across countless countries as well as fluency in Spanish/Hebrew. In terms of international students' recruiting, this is a differentiating factor where I can most help, especially with the competitiveness that visa sponsoring often entails

4. Coach and Mentor

Most importantly, I’m a coach and mentor. At UCLA, I took a handful of underclassmen under my wing and helped them find their calling. Although recruiting in competitive business fields such as investment banking or consulting can seem daunting, I want to take the experiences I’ve gathered, help you find your path, and make it simple

Notable Experience and Achievements


Industry/Recruiting Experience

Investment Banking

Private Equity



Business Development


Tech Start-Up

Achievements at UCLA

4.0/4.0 GPA at UCLA (Summa Cum Laude)

770 GMAT (99th Percentile)

Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley and PJT

President of UCLA’s Business Society

Vice President of UCLA’s Premier Investing Club

2020 Credit Suisse Case Competition (1st place)

Chat With Me

All introductory sessions are completely free, so check it out!

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