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Primary Services

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Finding Your Path

We'll teach you the business landscapes and connect you to the right people so you can hear about their first-hand experiences.

We’ll get you accepted to your school’s premier, most competitive business clubs (<4% acceptance rates).

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The 3 P’s: Plan, Prepare, and Practice ahead of time.


We’ll walk you through how we prepared early-on, and how that paid dividends in the long-run

Getting Ahead of the Rest

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Connecting You to the Right People

As presidents of our business societies, we met friends in all fields of business and adjacent industries like SWE, Quant. Trading, and even Bio-Tech.

We’ve been fortunate enough to meet phenomenal people in our own recruiting process – let us leverage these networks to help you.

Image by Ruthson Zimmerman

Preparing For Interviews

We’ve spent countless hours on our resumes, as well as workshopping 50+ Bruins’ and MIT students.

Let us save you time and teach you the major technical/behavioral questions. We’ll work on your demeanor and how to carry yourself in front of interviewers to win any offer.

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Getting Your Dream Internships

We've done many internships – let’s get you initial opportunities to explore your interests and later use those to receive offers from your target companies.

Here, we’ll go over the entire process of networking, cold-emailing, and selecting your firm.

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The aforementioned services are simply the most common.


If there’s any other way you think we can help you, let’s do it!

Anything Else You Want!

Available Packages

The 4 packages below are the more traditional paths that many students seek. In our initial introductory call, we'll discuss the various options. 


If you prefer to schedule individual sessions where we'll focus on specific services mentioned above, that flexibility is always an option.


Freshman Year Package

We'll begin with a general overview of the possible paths and work our way through club recruitment, internships, resume/interview preparation, and more!

*This is the package we most recommend*


Investment Banking Package

Specifically designed for 2nd and 3rd years. We'll walk you through the whole (convoluted) recruitment and teach you everything you need to know including: cold-emailing, networking, resumes, technical/behavioral interviews, firm-specific interview questions, and introduce you to great people.


Junior Year Recruiting Package

Similar to the investment banking package, we'll go over all the professional aspects, but now with a focus on a different profession that you're interested in (consulting, business development, private equity, etc.). Each field has its recruiting-specific processes that we'll help you ace.


Resume/Interview Prep Package

This package is an ad-hoc option for those solely interested in the fundamentals of resumes (including our extensive editing) as well as the most common behavioral and technical interview questions that you're bound to see in all jobs. 

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