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1. Silicon Valley (Stanford) Born and Raised

I grew up in Palo Alto my entire life and quickly fell in love with the intersection of technology and finance. Throughout my time here I taught at a professional SAT company, privately tutored, and coached basketball.

2. UCLA, the #1 Most Applied to University, Summa Cum Laude Graduate (4.0/4.0 GPA)

I graduated from UCLA in December 2021, 2 quarters early, where I was president of our business society and Vice President of our sole club with a student-run investment fund.

3. Investment Banking Analyst

I interned last summer with Morgan Stanley’s M&A group and will be joining PJT’s technology practice this August

4. Coach and Mentor

Most importantly, I’m a coach and mentor. At UCLA, I took a handful of underclassmen under my wing and helped them find their calling, prepare for interviews, and quickly reach their dream internships – see their testimonials! Let me do the same for you.

5. International and Tri-Lingual

Most of my family is in Israel and Argentina (my parents moved here to attend Stanford) which has helped me develop  connections across countless countries as well as fluency in Spanish and Hebrew

Who Am I?

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