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Basic Resume Tips

These are the very fundamental rules that 99.9% of resumes should abide by. For tailored workshopping and more advanced edits, message me!

  1. College Experiences

    1. After your freshman year, no high school information/experiences

  2. Formatting

    1. Fonts, location/dates worked, and spacing should all have consistent formatting

  3. Ordering

    1. Experiences should display the most recent roles first

  4. Bullet Points

    1. Begin every bullet point with a captivating past tense verb (even if currently working there)

    2. Fill the whole line and aim to have each bullet point take up one line

    3. Order your bullet points with the strongest firm

    4. Describe your experiences with numbers and quantitative descriptions, not solely broad words

  5. Don't Lie

    1. Don’t put any information (even your interests) that you aren’t prepared to talk about and answer any follow-up questions

  6. Interests

    1. Make them fun! This is your opportunity to have an interesting conversation about a passion of yours

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